5 Characteristics of a Successful Next Day Access Owner

Traits of a Next Day Access Owner

We often hear the question “do I have to be handy or have experience in this industry to own a Next Day Access franchise?” The answer is no. In fact, we provide training on all of our products. But we do look for characteristics to decide if you would make a good fit with our business model.

Now, we’re not saying all successful franchise owners have these characteristics, but within our franchise system, we’ve identified these traits that could make you a good fit.

A passion for helping others

We are in the business of helping people who are in need. We meet all types of people: those aging, have limited mobility, have a disability, have a degenerative disease, etc. So sometimes, when customers call us, it’s because life threw them a curveball.

Enjoy building relationships

You are great at building relationships with customers, employees, and other businesses. Those who have strong interpersonal skills and can make connections will go far in this industry. Trust is one of the foundations of relationships. Many of customers at Next Day Access, who are in the aging population, need that trust.

Great customer service skills

In this industry, we often face customers who have a sense of urgency. Some people have to adapt to their new lifestyle after a severe injury or surgery. Whereas other people are looking for ways to stay in their homes rather than moving into an assisted living facility. 

Sudden life changes like these cause stress. That’s why it’s essential to be responsive and have excellent customer service skills. Communicating effectively with your customers to find solutions to help them adapt to their new lifestyle will make their transition easier.

You like to take the extra step

We like to look for candidates who take the extra step to be more than great. This means going the extra mile to meet the customers’ needs. Some of our customers have an immediate need, and as an owner, you have to do what it takes to meet their needs. 


Adaptability is a must-have skill as a business owner. Society and marketplaces are constantly changing and unpredictable. Successful business owners can bounce back and shift their business when societal changes occur.

Are you ready to own a Next Day Access franchise?

Next Day Access offers franchisees excellent opportunities for success-oriented business owners in the growing market where independent living is a way of life. Offering ramps, stair lifts, porch lifts, ceiling lifts, pool lifts, grab bars and more.

To get started on a Next Day Access franchise opportunity, fill out our free franchise information request form.

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