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About us

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Improving people’s lives by providing mobility & accessibility solutions.

Local Mobility Products and Customer Service With a National Reputation

Next Day Access is your local source for creating accessibility within your home. Our team sells, furnishes, and delivers and installs mobility and accessibility products right to your home. From wheelchair ramps and scooters to grab bars and automatic door openers and more, we offer solutions large and small to provide you with easier access to every space in your home.

Our Purpose

We work with the aging population, individuals living with a disability permanently or temporarily, and veterans to provide home accessibility solutions to homeowners and businesses across the United States and internationally. From wheelchair ramps to pool lifts, we offer a range of accessibility and mobility products for sales and installation, long-term use, or rented for short-term use. Regardless of the situation, we are prepared to help make those changes with the right product service. 

Our History

Our Team

Dave Clark


Brian Clark

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Clark

Chief Financial Officer

Gordon Doolittle

Director of Corporate Services

Nathan Lewis

Director of Workers’ Compensation Services

Mike Gardner

Franchise Sales Manager

Loralee Shoffner

Marketing Manager

Chris Diehl

Franchise Business Development Specialist

Kaylee Buscher

Marketing Specialist

Kayla Patrick

MobilEyes Specialist
"I work with professionals that I can learn from and will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. At Next Day Access, there is a sense of belonging and liking the people I work with. I love that the work I do makes a difference for others."
Patricia W.
Project Coordinator

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