Next Day Access Colorado Springs Collaborates with Food to Power

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2024 – The Colorado Springs Franchise of Next Day Access partnered with Food to Power to create both a temporary and a permanent solution to enhance accessibility.

The Mission of Food to Power

Food to Power, formerly known as Colorado Springs Food Rescue, focuses on not only reducing food waste, but also cultivating a “healthy, equitable food system.” Their mission goes beyond what most food banks do; they provide their community with resources to begin producing their own food. When their team invested in Hillside Hub, a whopping 3.5-acre hub of urban farming, fresh grocery distribution, and more, they quickly saw that food inequality was not the only need to be met.

Finding A Solution

As members of their community began showing up, they realized that a wheelchair ramp was crucial to their mission. “After making several phone calls, we very quickly came to the realization that, okay, Next Day Access will work,” said Slade Custer, Development Director of Food to Power. Within the short time frame, Next Day Access Colorado Springs created a makeshift ramp using rubber mats, allowing more members of the community access to the resources they offer. Slade continued, saying, “That was the kickoff of the partnership.”

Not only was that the kickoff of the partnership, but also the relationship between Next Day Access and Food to Power. Our technicians used their knowledge and passion about finding the right solution to educate Food to Power on the intricacies of creating a wheelchair ramp. Custer recalled learning about the inches to feet ratio, expressing how he appreciated the finer details of accessibility.

“Based off how good of an experience it was working with you [Next Day Access Colorado Springs] all the first time, it kind of opened the door for future conversations for a wheelchair ramp, and to say the least, it was an incredible experience.”– Slade Custer

Since the Hillside Hub was built on land that was previously excavated, their wheelchair ramp required additional planning to ensure its success. “Despite it not being a copy and paste wheelchair ramp going in, you all were still very eager to work with us,” said Custer. Not only did we build a ramp, but we also built a relationship based on loyalty and understanding. “I think there’s a certain sense about Next Day Access where the personability and the customer service really played a big role…The entire time working with you all was very relational.”

A Word from Next Day Access Colorado Springs

“We are thrilled to partner with a local organization like Food to Power, said David Beiner, CEO of Next Day Access Colorado Springs. “Being able to respond to this temporary and permanent accessibility need and knowing that anyone will be able to access this space is exciting.” Now that Food to Power and Next Day Access have worked together once, we feel confident that we will work together again.

To learn more about Next Day Access Colorado Springs, visit their website:

About Next Day Access

Next Day Access is a local provider for accessibility and mobility solutions for homes and commercial businesses. With over 35 franchise locations across the United States and Canada, their goal is to help aging loved ones and people with limited mobility and disabilities live safely, comfortably, and independently in their homes. Learn more by visiting

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